Data Privacy, Retail & Consumer Goods: A Roundtable Discussion

Los Angeles Business Journal
Photo of Data Privacy, Retail & Consumer Goods: A Roundtable Discussion

Jeffrey R. Glassman, a Partner in ECJ’s Business & Corporate Department, was recently featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s expert roundtable discussion on data privacy and its potential impact on businesses engaged in selling retail and consumer goods. Data privacy is an increasingly important topic for consumers and companies alike; especially in light of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Understanding, and complying with, the CCPA is now essential for anyone doing business in the retail and consumer goods verticals, which are among the fastest growing and most vibrant business sectors in Southern California.

In the roundtable, Jeffrey discusses, among other things, first steps towards CCPA compliance including technology audits and upgrades; effective brand building and digital marketing under the CCPA; the cybersecurity challenges ahead; how the CCPA is impacting M&A; and how companies can lead through innovation as the CCPA continues to change the business landscape.  As Jeffrey highlights, “Compliance is just the first step.  In addition, businesses now need to balance the need for maintaining privacy when collecting personal information against the value of using such information to grow sales.”

Click here to read the full roundtable discussion, including Jeffrey’s insights on this critical topic. 



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