The Twenty Pros and Cons of Working in Human Resources

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In keeping with our “Top 20” theme to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Employment Law Reporter, we present the top 20 pros and cons of working in human resources, as related to us by some of the best in the business (you know who you are!). Which side are you on?

The Cons  The Pros 
20. “Terminations are depressing.” “I transition people to greener pastures!”
19. “I feel like the California Legislature is out to get me.” “Politicians in Sacramento care what I do!”
18. “I have to work with boring lawyers.” “I get to work with interesting legal eagles!”
17. “The workers are always complaining to me.” “People trust me to solve their problems!”
16. “The leave of absence laws are ridiculously complex.” “The leave laws are like a fun jigsaw puzzle!”
15. “I have to investigate every little thing.” “I get to play detective!”
14. “There are too many protected characteristics – I can’t keep track of them all.” “Everyone is so special!”
13. “These job applicants – are they kidding me?! You call that a résumé?!” “I love recruiting; the résumés are so interesting!”
12. “The wage and hour laws are set up to trap employers.” “My employer needs me!”
11. “There are no job perks, whatsoever.” “Free pens!”
10. “The disability laws are over-inclusive and too indefinite.” “I love the law!”
9. “Employees lie to me every day.” “My co-workers tell me colorful stories!”
8. “The compliance paperwork is killing me.” “The personnel files are like my babies!”
7. “Progressive discipline is cumbersome and performance reviews are a drag.” “I help people become successful!”
6. “I have to listen to sob stories all the time.” “My work is like watching a soap opera!”
5. “The workers’ compensation scheme doesn’t work well and we have no real control over it.” “Workers’ compensation? It is someone else’s problem.”
4. “People can be so grouchy.” “The work force is so diverse – their personalities are so different!” I am so popular!”
3. “I can never get a moment alone – I am constantly interrupted.”  
2. “I have to stay abreast of constantly changing laws.” “I get to read newsletters and attend wildly entertaining seminars put on by legal eagles!”
1. “I see dead people.” “I get to work closely with people all day long!”


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