Land Use Update: Los Angeles Approves Density Increases for Transit Oriented Communities 


The Los Angeles’ Department of City Planning has just released the final guidelines for the Transit Oriented Communities Affordable Housing Incentive Program (“TOC Guidelines”).  These guidelines were required under the passage of Measure JJJ, approved by voters on November 8, 2016.  They provide multiple incentives for project areas located within one-half mile of a Major Transit Stop.

Under the TOC Guidelines, each one-half mile radius (2,440 feet) around a Major Transit Stop, as defined in the California Public Resources Code shall constitute a unique TOC Affordable Housing Incentive Area.  Each property located within a TOC Affordable Housing Incentive Area shall be determined in a specific Tier (1-4) based on the shortest distance between any point on the lot and a qualified Major Transit Stop.  The applicant will be responsible for providing documentation showing that the location qualifies as a Major Transit Stop.  The varying tiers provide 50-80% maximum increase in the otherwise maximum allowable number of dwelling units permitted under the applicable zoning designation.  The varying tiers also allow for a maximum increase in the allowable floor area ratio (“FAR”) of 40-55% or a minimum FAR of 2.75:1 to 4.25:1 FAR, provided that additional floor area provided through this section is utilized by residential uses.

The TOC also allows for a significant parking reduction for all units – market rate and affordable.  Additional incentives may also be obtained, including reduction in the size of required front, side and rear yards; reduction in the amount of required open space; up to a 25-35% increase in maximum lot coverage and up to a 25% decrease in required minimum lot width and increase in allowable height and relief from transitional height restrictions.  

For more information or to discuss any land use matter, please contact Ellia Thompson, Jonathan Riker or Jeff Harlan or call 310.281.6356.    

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