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The Three Stages of Technology Procurement

Technology procurement is quickly evolving from a tactical, organization-wide undertaking to one that is more strategic and catering to multiple units within a company’s infrastructure. More businesses are taking advantage of things like Bellwether procurement software as a way to improve their procurement process. As a result, the skill set of the CTO, CIO, General Counsel and other members of the procurement team must follow suit. Upgrades used to be about minimizing costs and lowering risks. But those were the old days. Now, the procurement team responsible for software ...

Strategies for Navigating IT Infrastructure Upgrades

Upgrading a large complex portion of a company’s (“Newco’s”) IT infrastructure can be a daunting task.  However, as its business grows, Newco will want and need to add new capabilities and enhance existing service offerings.  Here is a brief overview of some strategies for helping Newco navigate the process including software and hardware procurement, finding the right systems integrator, negotiating Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”), and ensuring timely on-budget implementation.  

Software and Hardware Procurement

Newco will want to work closely with the Systems ...


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