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New Case Demonstrates How Tricky Dissolving a 50%-50% Owned California Limited Liability Company Can Be

Friends of Camden, Inc. v. Brandt, 81 Cal. App. 5th 1054 (August 2, 2022) illustrates the trickiness of the law governing dissolutions for limited liability companies and buyout election rights for those opposing dissolution. In Friends of Camden, the plaintiff manager and 1% owner of the LLC (Camden) filed an action for involuntary dissolution under Corporations Code section 17707.03. Certain defendants who were owners of 50% of the LLC moved immediately to exercise their rights to buyout Camden’s 1% ownership interest under Section 17707.03(c)(1) to avoid the dissolution ...

Getting Your Insurer To Favorably Resolve Litigation 

Where a liability carrier has assumed its insured’s defense under a reservation of rights, a variety of conflicts between those parties may arise when there are settlement discussions to resolve the underlying litigation. These conflicts include:

  • The insurer wants to settle to end its exposure for defense costs and the insured wants to continue to fight for business or reputational reasons.
  • Where the policy has “burning limits”—i.e., defense costs reduce the amount of coverage available to pay a settlement or judgment—the insured has an incentive to have the carrier ...
Are Consumer Protection or False Advertising Claims Covered By Insurance?

Whether consumer protec­tion or false advertising claims are covered by insurance depends on the kind of insurance policies in play. For ex­ample, coverage for such claims under a CGL policy is unlikely be­cause an insured's false represen­tation or false advertising about the qualities of its products typically does not fall within any of the "offenses" enumerated under the "advertising injury" coverage grant. See Applied Bolting Tech Prods v. US Fid & Guar Co., 942 F Supp 1029 (ED Pa 1996), in which the court held that alleged false advertising that an insured's products ...

FTC Issues Policy Statement on Gig Work

On September 15, 2022, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) issued a Policy Statement on Enforcement Related to Gig Work (the “Policy Statement”).

The agency’s press release states: “American workers deserve fair, honest, and competitive labor markets. Over the past decade, internet-enabled “gig” companies have grown exponentially, and gig work now composes a significant part of the United States economy. One study suggests the gig economy will generate $455 billion in annual sales by 2023. The rapid growth of the gig economy is made possible by the ...

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California Appellate Court Revives “White Baking Chips” False Advertising Claims

On September 15, 2022, the Court of Appeal of California, Fourth Appellate District reversed the lower court and revived false advertising claims involving “white baking” chips or morsels. 

Both cases involve the same plaintiff, David Salazar, and similar “white baking” products, which did not contain white chocolate. The Target product at issue was “White Baking Morsels,” and Walmart’s product was “Great Value White Baking Chips.” In both complaints, Plaintiff Salazar supported his position by a survey indicating that 88% of consumers incorrectly ...


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