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Global warming, a decaying infrastructure, budget problems, pollution, endangered species; these are all serious problems. In a world full of serious problems, lesser tragedies frequently go unnoticed. Like the plight of the American cheerleader. These men and women generally promote their teams for little or no pay, have no benefits, and are afforded none of the basic rights enjoyed by hourly employees. For a while it seemed as if no one would hear their choreographed cries for help. But fear not, readers, for the California Legislature has stepped in to save the day.

Assembly Bill ...

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In CCA 201517006 (dated 10/9/14 and released 4/24/15), the general partner of a publicly traded partnership (PTP) had, in addition to its capital interest, a profits interest in the PTP called “incentive distribution rights” (IDRs). We know the IDRs are a profits interest because they “did not carry any interest in partnership capital [on the date of the issuance of the IDRs] but entitled [the general partner] to share in future partnership profits and quarterly distributions”. What is not clear in the CCA is why the IDRs received the benefits of the Safe Harbor of Revenue ...

New FMLA Forms Issued by Department of Labor

The US Department of Labor recently revised the model Family and Medical Leave Act notices and medical certification forms to be given to employees in connection with the FMLA. The forms are not substantially changed from the prior versions, but do make clear that the employer is not seeking information about genetic tests, genetic services or the manifestation of disease or disorder in an employee’s family members. The forms and notices are accessible on the DOL website here and are set to expire on May 31, 2018.

California employers who use the form for employees requesting leave ...

Is the Transfer of a Receivership Estate Asset Without Court Approval, Void or Voidable?

QUESTION: I am a receiver and I have just learned that the defendant purported to sell property I am receiver over. I contacted counsel for the defendant and for the buyer and demanded that the property be returned to me. The buyer’s attorney said his client would not reconvey the property, that the sale was good, and that I should bring a contempt action against the defendant if the defendant violated my order of appointment by selling the property. Is this correct?

ANSWER: A recent case, In Re Domun Locis LLC, 521 B.R. 661 (Bankr. C.D. Cal. 2014), decided by bankruptcy Judge Kwan, dealt ...

Supreme Court Denies Review of PAGA Waiver Case… Again

In a move that will undoubtedly frustrate California employers, the United States Supreme Court has denied review of Bridgestone Retail Operations v. Milton Brown, a California Supreme Court case which held that Private Attorney General Act waivers in employment arbitration agreements are not enforceable. The refusal to review this case comes on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to deny review of Iskanian v. CLS Transportation, the first case which sought review by the Court of this issue. The petitions seeking review of the Bridgestone and Iskanian cases ...


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