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QUESTION: I purchased assets from a receiver. The court approved the sale over the objection of one of the defendants. The sale has now closed. I was just informed that the defendant is appealing the order approving the sale. Can the defendant set aside the sale to me or am I safe?

ANSWER: In United States v. Antiques Limited Partnership, 760 F. 3rd 668 (7th Cir. 2014) the federal government sued to enforce tax assessments against a husband and wife and partnerships they controlled and transferred property to. A receiver was appointed to manage the partnerships and to sell their assets to ...

Wage Recovery Penalties Continue to Increase

Continuing in a trend that started in 2013, the California Legislature focused considerable time and effort on expanding liability and increasing penalties under several existing laws for 2015. Assembly Bill 1723 amended Labor Code section 1197.1 by expanding the penalty for the failure to pay employees minimum wage to include penalties under Labor Code section 203 in addition to liquidated damages in the amount of the unpaid wages, recovery of the unpaid wages and pay period violations for each employee of $100.00 for the first pay period and $250.00 per pay period thereafter. AB ...


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