ECJ’s 2018 Employment Handbook: Let Us Help You Stay In Compliance

The workplace, and the laws that regulate it, continue to change at an unparalleled pace.  2018 marks, yet again, dramatic changes in California and federal employment law, including, by way of limited example, law s that require:


  • Prohibition on pre-offer criminal history inquiries
  • Restrictions on the use of criminal history in hiring decisions
  • Gender identity and gender expression regulations
  • Prohibition on prior compensation inquiries or use in employment decisions
  • Additional paid sick leave requirements for employers in Santa Monica and various other cities and locations
  • Expanded parental leave rights
  • Prohibition on discrimination for reporting work-related death, injury or illness
  • Expanded harassment
  • training requirements
  • Changes to arbitration waivers in view of recent case law
  • Paid sick leave for in-home supportive services workers
  • Expanded immigration-related protections
  • Future expansion of California’s heat illness regulations to include indoor employees
  • Expanded gender pay equality requirements
  • Increased Cal-OSHA penalties
  • Expanded overtime requirements for certain workers
  • Additional improvements based on cases, administrative guidelines and other changes throughout the year

Staying abreast of these changing laws is a herculean task that no employer can or should attempt on their own.

If you have a business in California, you know that soundly drafted and appropriately implemented employment handbooks and forms are a company’s first line of defense in charting unfamiliar and daunting territory.  Many law firms and human resources organizations offer California employers “off the shelf,” pro forma employee handbooks and related forms.  As too many employers have now come to realize the hard way, there is no substitute for thorough and well-drafted custom policies carefully crafted by licensed attorneys specializing in California employment law.  Fortunately, reaching legal compliance does not need to break the bank.

At ECJ, we recognize that when it comes to employment policies, one size does not fit all.  We stress the importance of an interactive drafting process between our clients and our attorneys—the generic “assembly line” feel that you may have come to expect from other attorneys and human resources professionals is simply not in our repertoire.  Whether to address changes in the law, developments in technology, or employment policies that no longer complement your business needs, ECJ’s attorneys will speak with you directly to ensure that you maximize the benefit of your employee handbook for your workplace.

With the purchase of ECJ’s handbook comes complimentary admission to ECJ employment law seminars, including new laws seminars and anti-harassment and bullying training.

To purchase the handbook, complete the attached form and submit payment. Once we receive your form we will contact you to begin the process!  Please see below for more package details or click here.

We look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond!

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Employee Handbook Annual Update Package

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