MIMECAST Email Portal

When the office is inaccessible — either due to a network or ISP outage, or simply due to Network maintenance, you can always access your Outlook Inbox and Sent Items (only these two) via your Mimecast Email Portal. After the network is online, everything in the Mimecast portal is synced to your office Outlook account.

To access, click the Mimecast icon below; at the login page, enter your email address (jdoe@ecjlaw.com) and your password used in the office.  [For detailed instructions, please see Mimecast Personal Portal User Guide.]


Want to enter time on your Apple or Droid device?  Select the guide for your device below.  Or, if you prefer to watch several short video tutorials, browse to http://www.bellefield.com/itimekeep/gettingstarted.html.

iTimeKeep User Guide for iPhone

iTimeKeep User Guide for iPad

Droid/Kindle users can access the iTimekeep site via their installed Droid/Kindle browser (only Chrome or Safari is compatible).  Browse to https://webapps.bellefield.com.  (You can save this page as a shortcut on your device.)  Touch the iTimekeep icon, and then enter your firm email address and iTimeKeep password.  Once you have entered time, simply close the browser to logout.