ECJ Daily Cyber Byte – August 4, 2015

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ECJ Data Security Byte

According to the IBM 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, in which IBM analyzed cyber attack and incident data from IBM’s worldwide security services operations, IBM found that the “bad guys” of cyber attacks were as follows: 45% were outsiders; 31.5% were malicious insiders; and 23.5% were inadvertent actors. Click here.

ECJ Data Security Quote

“Employees can be seen as the Achilles’ heel of cybersecurity; mistakes by those with access to a company’s systems are the catalyst for 95% of all incidents. It can be as simple as accidentally clicking on a malicious link or failing to question the authenticity of a phone call or banking website. Even organizations with the most robust, forward-thinking security strategies aren’t immune to one lapse in employee judgment. It’s critical that in addition to a strong technical security defense, companies should continuously educate employees on the dangers of security attacks, ensuring that they know what to look for and how not to fall prey to social engineering.” Marc van Zadelhoff, VP of IBM Security, as quoted in Harvard Business Review. Click here.


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Patrick A. Fraioli, Jr.