Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP

Taking your business

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We are responsive.

Responsive means much more than just returning calls quickly.

It’s a shared sense of urgency and priorities.

Ervin Cohen & Jessup Partners

On how personal investment in outcome results in alignment with a client’s priorities, along with unprecedented turnaround and availability.

We are pragmatic.

To us, the primary goal is making the right long-term move.

Because it’s a minefield out there.

And you don’t fight a minefield. You navigate it.

Ervin Cohen & Jessup Partners

On how the most important ingredients in achieving a best-case scenario are perspective and judgment.

We are cutting-edge.

Because our ability to provide the level of service we’re proud of depends on it.

From document management to company structure, we stay ahead to keep you ahead.

L.A. Real Estate Workgroup

On the secret weapon of efficiency, delivered through technology and cross-discipline workgroups.

Been there, won that.

When it’s time to go to war...

Fight with the best so you can battle on your own terms.

Ervin Cohen & Jessup Partners

On how expertise, experience, and common sense result in favorable judgments for our clients.

To us, these values are much more than a tagline.

They are a philosophy that helps us contribute to your success.

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